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Lilium Insta Glow Whitening Facial Kit With Face Massager


Lilium Insta Glow Whitening Facial Kit With Face Massager


Helps removing blemish and pigmentation, Tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and lighten age spots, Helps preventing pimples and blemishes, Cools and refreshes skin.

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Facial Kit:-Nourishes Skin Tissues This facial kit helps you nourish your skin tissues and protect them from damage. Rebuilds Weaken Areas The kit helps rebuild weakened areas of the face which have been damaged due to various reasons and aggressors. Nourishes skin tissues For better development and rebuilding of new cells, this facial kit has the ability to eliminate dead surface cells from your face and make place for new ones. Eliminates dead surface cells The Lilium Facial Kit will leave your skin moisturized without making it look oily.Restores skin’s luster and radiance. Moisturize skin The kit helps restore your skin’s luster and radiance by cleansing it off dead cells and nourishing it from within.

Face Massager:-Relax and relieve your stressed muscles with this 5-in-1 beauty massager. Truly pampering and relaxing to use, this skin massager has adjustable massaging parts which you can remove and attach according to your needs.

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